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Appling for a Pauchon Foundation Grant

When to Apply

Project applications are welcome throughout the year. There are two application deadlines, June 30th and December 31st of each year. We suggest you do not wait for the deadline and submit the application well before the deadlines. Applying earlier within the six month cycle allows us to contact you for more information if needed.

Grant Limitations

Researchers may only submit one application per grant cycle.

Application Form

Please complete the application form and return by email, fax or regular mail. All applications must be typed. The application form is a detailed questionnaire. Guidelines are available through our link to the application form. Applicants are required to restrict themselves to the space provided on the application form. Forms that have been changed or manipulated will not be considered. You may add attachments to your application. Please clearly label each page with your name and title of your project. Unlabeled pages will not be considered.

Application Guidelines:

  1. Explain the relevance of your project in relation to field of research.
  2. Explain the importance of your project to your country or region.
  3. Present a scientific hypotheses/research question. The objective of your research must be stated in a way that will identify a research plan.
  4. Research plans are usually one to two complete pages. There needs to be enough information for the Grant Committee to evaluate your proposal.
  5. Technical papers of existing and established technologies that are copied and submitted will not be considered.
  6. Proof of basic research equipment and facilities for the research project are required.
  7. Budget for the project is required. Applications received without attached budgets will not be considered and no attempt will be made by the Grand Committee to receive this information.
  8. Information on the institution that will administer your grant must be included with your application.

Notification of Receipt of Application

All applicants will receive email notification of receipt of application within 10 days of submission. If you do not hear from the Foundation within this time period you may contact us at: We receive many applications so when contacting us please identify your project with the following information.
  1. Your full name as it appears on your application.
  2. How you submitted your application. Email, fax or regular mail.
  3. The date you submitted your application.
  4. Title of your project.

Notification of Award

A comprehensive evaluation process will be completed during the following six months of the cycle deadline. Notification will be emailed to the awardees along with written notice. Those who will not be receiving grant consideration will be emailed and mailed a written decision announcement within six months of granting cycle.

Application Process

Research grants are awarded following a competitive process. Consideration is based on the following.
  1. Applications are first pre‐screened. Applications must use approved Pauchon Foundation Application form. It must be properly completed according to the outlined guidelines.
  2. Projects must be well justified and well presented with sufficient details on all items.
  3. Accepted applications are reviewed after the grant cycle deadline by Pauchon Foundation scientific advisors to assure the proposals are scientifically sound and feasible and relevant to the research field and county or region.
  4. Scientific advisors evaluate and rank applications and recommend the most qualified for funding.
  5. The Board of Directors of the Pauchon Foundation will review recommended projects for final approval of awards.
  6. Awardees are notified by the Executive Director of the Foundation.
  7. Grantees and their sponsoring institutions may be required to complete contract for funding.
  8. Names will be announced and posted on Pauchon Foundation website along with press releases submitted to national and international publications.
  9. Unsuccessful applicants who demonstrate projects with potential are encouraged to improve/re‐design and apply again for the next grant cycle.
  10. No appeals for reconsideration will be accepted.

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