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A Philanthropic Organization dedicated to the Betterment of Mankind

Our Mission Statement

Endowed by the resources of the Alphonse Pauchon estate, the mission of the Pauchon Research Foundation shall be to award grants to individuals and organizations who have demonstrated outstanding innovation in the fields of medicine, business and science. Our goal is to reach out to people, institutions and organizations that are working towards the betterment of mankind and support their dedication to that endeavor and our shared future.

Accomplishing our Mission

Prior Grant Recipients

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How We can help you

Our Grant Process

Grant Process

Applying for a Pauchon Foundation award could never be easier. To start, simply complete the online form located Here . At the end of the review cycle, The foundation will contact you with the outcome of your application. Interim questions may be directed to grants@pauchonfoundation.org.

Complete the online form. Any additional information regarding your research work that is NOT classified should be included.


Someone from the foundation will contact you by phone or email to schedule an interview if required.


The board will review your grant request and make a decision. No appeals are allowed, however, you may re-apply in the next grant cycle.


Pauchon Research Foundation. Funding the Future

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Email: contact@pauchonresearch.org
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